Maybe I’m being a little impatient here and maybe I’m not that good of an all-around supportive friend as I thought I was. But here’s a little tale about:

So if it’s not easy… are you gonna stop?

The thing is life comes with things we want and need that are not easy to do or get. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. You’ll reply with a sigh with each and every indication of a rocky steep hill but it’s in your hands and endurance and patience to decide whether to walk all the way back, sit down and give up or move towards your goals. 

I’ve had several conversations with friends lately that had me confused over where their persistence has gone off to. I know them to be such strong people with strong mindsets and amazing goals. But lately, they’ve grown tired of trying. And here I am confusedly shaking my head. It’s okay to doubt yourself sometimes. It happens. But I wish that wouldn’t happen, for any of us. 

We all have goals and wishes and hopes each and every single day. Anxiety may wash over you or uncertainty, or it’s just being really really hard on you. But all the negativity being radiated the past few weeks coming from my friends, I’m starting to grow defensive over their abilities and beliefs that I know they have but have strangely forgotten about. 

I can’t do it
It’s not possible
It won’t work
That’s easy to say but it simply isn’t that easy /hint of annoyance clear/

When you hear these things every day coming from your friends that you love and support through anything, I start to get a bit irritated by how little they believe in themselves and how they let their insecurities put themselves down to the point they want to stop trying. I’m not in the position to judge how far they want to try. But as I support them so much and even though I understand their frustrations because I can relate to some points, I frankly grow a tiny weeny little bit annoyed.

Shit, Sherlock, hun. I know it’s not easy. I’m not a text book that reads you how to do things so you reach the goals you stress about. I don’t want to be insensitive but nobody has ever claimed that it would be easy. Neither will I when I give advice or try to be a helping guide. I am aware it’s not easy. You don’t have to remind me or yourself that it’s not easy. I’m not doubting it’s not easy. Okay?

/Deep breath/ But let me just say this. It’s always easier said than done but just because it’s not easy, it doesn’t mean it won’t work. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

– Shush, no excuses. I know about those. Those voices giving you bullet points of why it wouldn’t work out. Stop listening to them so much. 

Do I think it’s easy? Hell, no. No lies and false promises here. Do I think it’s impossible? Hell, no. You literally have one life and you might as well just wing it as it comes and quit hesitating so much because your insecurities are nagging you. And it’s way too short and full of great opportunities that you could grasp if you would just quit hiding behind the excuse that there’s a creaky door in the way. 

And they all lived bravely ever after.

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