If people asked me what my six months were like, I could only list a few memorable moments to attempt an explanation. Because how do you describe feelings connected to a certain place? How do you describe memories when it'd be hard for other people to relate as they weren't there with you to experience them? Well, this is my attempt.  

  • I saw people of all differences that there could possibly be, optically, smile and connect over a pit bull dog on the tube. 
  • It was totally normal to loudly sing Valerie on the tube with complete strangers and exit the station with them for a chat. 
  • Everytime I walked by the River Thames the realisation would hit me that, holy shit, I was in London. And everytime I was speechless from feeling overwhelmed. 
  • I felt so giddy having my friends from home over for a weekend or a week. Even though it got really expensive, the experiences were worth it. 
  • How relieved I felt when I had this conversation with someone on a park bench at 2 in the morning and realised that they felt the exact same way about depression. 
  • How my faith in humanity was restored when I ended up crying in a dark alley around the corner hiding from my friends in a moment of distress and this guy with his vodka bottle approached me just to check on me. And when his nosy friends approached me too he had left with them so I wouldn't feel disturbed. 
  • When I spent a night with my newly found soulsisters. It was so much fun and I'm so glad we met. 
  • How relieved I felt when my coworker and friend took me into her home for five days so I wasn't homeless. 
  • The first time I went salsa dancing with my friend and embarrassed myself but it turned okay and it was actually really fun. 
  • I reconnected with friends from back home after drifting apart. I'm so grateful to have them back in my life, especially now as I came back. 
  • I felt like a reckless idiot when I chased after this person to give them my number and then just ran off but it turned out just fine. 
  • I stood on a ferry on a hot summer day and I didn't feel sea sick and enjoyed the view of turquoise blue right underneath my nose. 
  • I will never forget the excitement when my very own book arrived in paperback. 
  • I walked home to the view of the same guy sitting by the window of my local Costa's waving at me from across the street. 
  • I danced my brains out without drinking my guts out to both, great and shit music, and it was a blast every time because the only thing that matters is the company you're with. 
  • I went on a pubcrawl which turned out to be one of the most unforgettable nights. 
  • I met magicians and musicians at Picadilly Circus so that was pretty cool. 
  • I felt the warm breeze on my skin as I sat on a bench overlooking a field of grass and flowers and rows of family houses at 7 in the morning.
  • I ate great dinner on a roof terrace of a tiny hotel in a tiny place on a hill until the sun set. 
  • I half-walked and half-ran home in the rain after a night out and did not catch a cold, but did look like a drowned cat.  
  • I stood on a rooftop of a parking building and saw the whole city that I love stretched out right in front of me. And then the sunset came around and turned the whole sky violet and pink and the buildings reflected an orange beam and I'm pretty sure I cried. 

See you for the last Post-London entry tomorrow! 

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