I'm not saying I'm a straight-A student and can afford to tell you how to study but I still thought I would share with you the "hacks" I've learned in the long run. And I will be telling you the brutal truth about getting great marks, mind that everyone is different and you might be working differently.

Life in the new "old"

So uni has started again, I'm back into my part-time job, my mother makes me dinner sometimes when I'm free in the evening, I write and read in coffee shops while waiting for my wifi to work at home. I go grocery shopping the usual good stuff that I devour, I do my yoga daily, I take hot showers, I bought a shit ton of face masks because a girl's got to treat herself, I let my playlists play and dance around in my flat, I stress when my tram doesn't come in the morning and I get to uni late again. I am slowly falling back into the "normal" life that I live here in Germany, as you can see.

Welcome back to the blog! Yes, I've taken a break to deal with some tweaks for the blog and if you haven't noticed yet, the design is brand new and I do hope you like it. When Gabriela released a new template, I had to get it for this site. I wasn't necessarily a fan of sidebars but there's easier access to everything this way and I tried to keep it minimalistic still.  Anyway, this post is not about designing my blog. More so, it's about how I could never be considered a "popular" blogger. Without meaning to take the piss out of bloggers who are popular, though. I mean, go you! 

Before college/ uni actually starts, I thought I'd throw something on my blog for those like me who will be extremely busy on the side juggling multiple projects and having to balance personal life as well. So here you go, friend, here's some advice I got myself when I was already struggling last year!

I've had to hunt for a flat three times in my life so far and even though I find the whole process incredibly exciting as I browse through IKEA catalogues, I must admit it's all a freaking pain in the arse. :-)

I'm not even going to sugarcoat it, it's nerve-wracking and at times heartbreaking when you get the bad news that someone else got the perfect place you wanted, or for any other reason. I don't think this post will be very helpful nor teach you how to do it the right way (I'm sure there's no foolproof way to do it), but rather an illustration of how it goes down. At least how it went down for me.


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